ALATUR is a non profitable civil association whose main objective is the development of tourism in rural environments. The motivating factor of the Association is to create sinergies in order that Rural Tourism be a symbol of enhancement of regional culture, a source of income and promotion of local development by means of policies and actions of integration into the daily activities which are being taken in the site. The Association is made up of a group of people who graduated on Rural Tourism at the FAUBA, Buenos Aires University, Agronomy Faculty, tourist entrepreneurs and professional people coming from public and private sectors as well.


Our main objective is to join efforts to help develop Rural Tourism in Argentina and Latin American countries on the basis of sustainable principles, cultural diversity and the enhacement of scientific knowledge by means of actions designed to highlight local features and traditions and to promote interaction with rural work in order to take part and share daily activities carried out by local entreprices and communities as a whole. Our task is:
  • To encourage rural tourism projects and ventures
  • To provide advice in key areas in order to ensure the running of a profitable business
  • To facilitate social and labour links among the stakeholders
  • To help disseminate scientific Knowledge

    We join the UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL COMPACT. Our commitment to the Global Compact can help to drive business awareness and action in support of achieving sustainable development goals and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. In addition, we are members of the Executive Board of the UN Global Compact Argentine Network 2019-2020 which enable us to collaborate much more closely in pursuit of the sustainable development goals.